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Welcome to Mesa Medicine. Shamanic Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing of the Incas.

My name is Joe Molloy and I am a Shaman, a Shamanic Practitioner based in the UK. I work across Europe offering "The Way of the Shaman," the Medicine Wheel programme in the UK and in Greece. From 2018 I will also be introducing a new programme of workshops in other countries too. So please pop back for more details of these or message me if you are interested.

As a practitioner I offer a range of shamanic healing opportunities, both for face to face clients and by phone or Skype for distance work, anywhere in the world that you are located.

Each year I also organise and lead group journeys to Peru and India, including The Munay Ki, Sacred Journey Groups and Plant Medicine Jungle Retreats. In Peru we work with the Shaman' of this lineage, the Qero.

You can find details of this years group journey in Peru with me, and our Shaman and guide Jorge Luis Delgado; our Shaman from the Sacred Valley of the Incas; Porfirio Chino Sequeiros Pinares and Qero Shaman Elder Don Francisco Chura Flores by jumping straight to the new page here:

Sacred Valley, Sacred Peru and Lake Titikaka, the Sea at the top of the world 2018

During this journey you will receive all of the traditional initiations, energetic empowerments of the Inca lineage direct from our Andean Shaman.

You can find out more about all the groups and journeys by visiting the other pages on this website:

Group Journeys in Peru

Plant Spirit Medicine Retreats in The Jungle in Peru

The Munay Ki in Goa

To go straight to finding out about Shamanic Healing and booking a session you can just click here:

Shamanic Healing

In Peru our journeys take us on more than touristic journeys. These journeys have been "crafted" over many years in partnership with all the Shaman in Peru that we work with.

Travelling each day with our Shaman' we explore the landscape and the ancient power places of the Inca's, the "Children of the Sun."

Our journeys include jungle and plant spirit medicine retreats to help us to cleanse and open to new possibilities in our lives, dropping our old baggage and old stories.

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas we travel every day with our Shaman' visiting the ancient and sacred places of power such as Machu Pichu, Moray, Pisac and receiving the lineage rites of the Incas from the Shaman' each day.

Travelling overland we follow the route take by the Golden disk of the Sun that was carried by the Incas and placed deep in Lake Titikaka, the sea at the top of the world, where it would be preserved, hidden in the deep waters many years ago. Here we step into a different landscape and different traditions. We visit ancient and in some cases prehistoric places of power both inland and on the islands of the lake, staying on the island of Amantani overnight and in the homes of the people of island.

Whether you are interested in learning the way of the shaman, or just in discovering Peru, these are amazing journeys of personal growth and transformation.

I invite you to join us……….

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Or perhaps you would like to join us in India. Each year we hold a retreat on the beautiful sun blessed beaches of North Goa where we step into the beautiful traditions of the Munay Ki, traditions, healing rites and empowerments derived from those of the Incas, from the 'Royal House of the Sun.'

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about receiving a shamanic healing session, or one of our workshops through the year including 'The Way of the Shaman' and the group journey programmes in Peru and India.

I look forward very much to hearing from you.

With much love


To view the details for all our group journeys and jungle retreats in Peru this coming year just click here:

The link opens a new window to my other site that holds just the Peru journey and Jungle Plant Medicine Retreat details

Join us in Goa each January for the 9 rites of the Munay Ki

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