Mastering the Medicine with Joe Molloy
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Mastering the Medicine ~ Beyond the Horizon

"Mastering the Medicine" is about supporting you on your journey of discovery and development as a Shaman. Whenever you 'began' and whatever courses and experiences you have had, this programme is intended to help you to grow 'deeper' roots in your practice and in your relationship with the deeper and often 'hidden from first view' meaning and symbolism in many of the practices that you will have become familiar with using.

For me I believe that now really is the time to share this work. We will all be familiar with some of the Inca prophecies and teachings, including the concept of the age of Pachacutti. But fewer of us will be familiar, for example, with the age of "Taripay Pacha" where we, 'once again' come face to face with 'who we really are.' These are exciting times, and full of opportunity and potential, which is what this programme has been created to help you to connect with and benefit from. It will, I hope, raise as many questions as answers.

Once you have had a read through this page you will, I hope, have a good "feel" for whether this is the right course for you at this time. And I expect it will have brought up questions that you wish to ask. It will help you to fill in the application form by following the link (below). This helps to provide us with some information about your practice, both personal and with your clients, and with your training and experiential background. It will, we hope, also help you to review where you may be in relation to your personal journey as a Shaman.

The intention within this programme is to share deeper insights into the teachings and traditions of Andean Shamanism, most particularly where it is informed by the traditions and teachings of the Qero shaman. And in some places to make visible the bridges across the spaces between other ancient and indigenous traditions as well as contemporary ones such as Quantum physics.

To step into this course you will be a Shaman, Shamanic practitioner, who is currently working regularly with clients. You will have completed training at least 3 years ago (for the first time) and probably will have returned in that time to deepen your relationship with the medicine, the traditions, teachings and healing tools and practices as a returning student at least once since then. You will know that you have a commitment to working in these ways. You will be prepared to empty out the cup that holds all the 'knowledge' that you have worked, so hard, to accumulate, so that you can fill it with a deeper relationship with the teachings. No one can fill a cup that is already full! Come with a willingness to learn, and a curiosity for adventure.

If what you have read so far has lit the fire for you then please get in touch for more information. What is written here is just the introduction.

Once we have had a chance to speak together, either in person, or by phone/Skype etc, you will need to pay your deposit to secure your place. The deposit is non refundable and makes up 20% of the total course fee. The remaining 80% is payable in 4 instalments, each 1 month in advance of the next module.

Completion of this course also entitles you to future discounts as a returning advance student of the medicine on my Medicine Wheel programmes and other activities such as group journeys to Peru.

I look forward to hearing from you

With much love

Munay Sonqo


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