Energetic House and Space Clearing with Joe Molloy Shaman
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Shamanic Healing with Joe Molloy
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Energetic Clearing for Houses, Homes, Places and Spaces

Houses, homes, places and spaces hold energy too, just as we do.

Clearing 'stuck' energy from a building or a place helps to create a harmonious home, or workplace environment.

There are different ways to view this work. Some cultures, religions and most movie industries have done a good job of over dramatising this work, and putting many people on edge, even if it does help sell box-office tickets. To me as a Shaman, this is essentially just "energy in the wrong place."

That said, the feeling that something 'else' is present in your home is not a welcome one fore most people. Buildings absorb the energy of the people that have lived there, and of the things that have happened there. You only have to visit an ancient 'battlefield' or the scene of an event where many lives were lost to feel this.

If you are troubled by the feeling that someone or something is present in your home or workspace. Or that someone that you have known, who has passed on, is with you and not at rest, needing some help to make their last transition, then please do get in touch so that we can discuss how I might help.

Costs for this work are flexible and depend on many things including distances to travel and the size of the properties to work in.

For more details please get in contact.

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