Incense by Joe Molloy Shaman
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Shaman's Incense for Journeying, Cleansing and Clearing, Meditation and Protection

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Like many people I started to use incense in my teens. Mostly buying "joss" sticks from shops that would sell all manner of interesting things. Well this was way back in the 70's! These days incense and incense sticks are available almost everywhere. Supermarkets have them, brand name clothes stores have them. They have become common place and part of the culture of the world that a great many of us live in.

When I started to meditate and practice Yoga regularly I began to use incense more consciously and wanted "notes and tones" that really enhanced the space that I was using, and gave me a deeper and more enjoyable experience. As I progressed into my work as a healer and as a Shaman I began to work specifically with incense that came from plants and resins that would help with energy cleansing and clearing within sacred space while I was working, such as Palo Santo, Sage, Sweet Grass. But always I have found handmade blends of loose incense ideal to help me in my work too.

Some years ago I started blending my own incense, sourcing the ingredients as carefully as I could from suppliers with as good an ethical approach to sourcing ingredients as possible. And aiming for the best quality ingredients that I could find for a reasonable cost. And now I am making some of my blends available to you too.

I have chosen a few special blends that I hope will support people through these times of change and for many, also uncertainty.

Each incense comes in its own 50ml glass jar. You only need a little at a time, about half a teaspoon full, which you place on the top of a 'smouldering' piece of previously lit incense charcoal. The little leaflet that comes with each jar tells you about lighting and using the incense so that you can enjoy it to its fullest.

Each blend of incense is handmade, by myself, in small quantities each month at the full moon or just before the new moon when the sky is dark, depending on which incense I am making.

The 5 blends that I have chose to share are:

"Meditation" ~ "Protection" ~ "Journeying" ~ "Sahumerio"

~ and "Incense for Dispelling of unwanted energies and spirits"

Feedback from some of the people who have bought and used my incense ~
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Meditation ~

"Meditation" is a blend of 9 special ingredients. An uplifting, and sometimes "heady" incense to support you in your meditation practice.

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Protection ~

"Protection" is an incense created from traditional ingredients to provide an "added" element of energetic protection when you are working or sleeping. For the times that you might feel you need it.

Protecting ourselves from unwanted intrusion of any kind requires that we pay attention to matters at the practical and actual levels, as well as the level of belief, in addition to using any incense or other, even magical means.

When we deal with our underlying beliefs we often deal with the perceived need for protection that we may have unconsciously created. In the same way if you want protection when driving a car you begin by driving sensibly and then adding the support of a seat belt. Don't leave everything to incense, prayer or magic.

But to support you as you work at all these levels in your life, with whatever energetic intrusion you feel may impact on you I have created this incense.

Shamanic Journeying Incense ~

My Shamanic "Journeying" Incense helps to "open" the doors between the different levels of consciousness that we use to engage with the different ways of experiencing the worlds that we live in.

As a Shaman I journey for my own guidance, and for my clients during healing ceremonies, to what I describe as the "lower" and the "upper" worlds. Different people with different traditions, teaching and training have different ways to describe these worlds and ways of experiencing reality beyond the consensual one we mostly subscribe to.

However you journey I hope that you find this incense supportive to your practice.

You may find it useful to add one of my energetic cleansing, or protecting incenses prior to using "Journeying."

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Sahumerio Incense ~ Derived from Traditional Inca, Qero Incense from the Andes

My Sahumerio Incense is based on traditional Qero, Inca Sahumerio incense used in ceremony for the clearing and cleansing of homes, places and spaces. As a Shaman this is an incense that I use in my work and now make available to you to buy and use also.

Incense for "Dispelling unwanted Energies, Entities or Spirits" ~

The "Dispelling Incense" has been created specifically to be used where a place or a person is impacted by the presence of an uninvited or unwelcome spirit or entity.

You can use this incense to cleanse a room, for use in the day or in preparation for sleeping undisturbed through the night. Or during a Shamanic Healing Ceremony to "smudge" your client, or yourself to "dispel" or remove any intrusive entities or energies. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other energetic or ceremonial practices.

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For more information please contact me ~

With much love ~ Munay Sonqo


Phone: +44 (0) 7986 887224

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