Shamanic Healing with Joe Molloy Shaman

The healing tools of the Shaman ~ What to expect and how Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Practices work

What is Shamanism and Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is an ancient science. It does much more than removing heavy energies from the luminous energy field that creates our physical bodies. It allows our luminous body to reset and restore balance and harmony in our physical body, dissolving the energetic imprints that cause ageing and create disease. Even more than this it allows us to reprogramme our brains so that we think differently and experience the world we live in differently too. Creating new neural pathways and aligning with new possible futures that were previously inaccessible to us. Supporting us to follow higher destinies and to live more fulfilled and amazing lives. Just as we had intended to do when we signed up for this journey we call life.

What should I expect from a Shamanic Healing Session?

Shamanism is the practice of bringing balance through the developing of an animistic relationship with the world around and within us. This is a relationship that not just 'sees' or 'knows,' but experiences everything around ourselves as being 'alive,' All indigenous and ancient cultures have, or had their own energy medicine, healing practices. And they had their own practitioners, medicine men and women, yogi's, sadhu's, priests, shaman, healers. The names are less important than that they all lived in as close a relationship with the land and the world around them as they could. And this relationship helped to hold them in balance and harmony so that they could help each of us who came to them to find our balance and harmony too.

The Qero and Inca peoples call this balance and harmony 'ayni.'

The intention of a shamanic healing ceremony is to assist the person receiving to let go of old patterns, thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs that no longer serve them well or help them to grow by working at the energetic level to promote health, harmony and balance in the body and the mood as well as in relation to our "soul's journey." Helping to create "ayni," that is to say, "harmony and balance" with the world around and within us.

There is a Scientific basis that supports our understanding of how Shamanic Healing works. Shamanic Healing happens within the context of Ceremony. In healing ceremony we call upon the support and assistance of the organising principles of the universe, the archetypical energies that the ancient Inca peoples knew as Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Condor/Eagle. We call in the support and guidance of the spirits of our ancestors to help.

It is useful to take the view that there is no "bad" energy, just energy in the wrong place. As a Shaman my role is to help create balance. Removing heavy energies that do not help you to grow strong and feed you. Extracting and replacing that old heavy energy that needs to 'go home' with a beautiful and luminous golden light energy that raises the frequency of the cells in your body, dissolving "templates" for disease and affinities that attract situations and experiences that you no longer wish to be in your life. Enabling you to go on to create the next part of your story, your new story from something uninformed by your past. Helping you to source yourself from the future instead.

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Practically a Shamanic healing session with me will last from one to two hours. We begin with a short introductory history. What brings you here today? When did things start to change so that you decided to come for this kind of help? We look for the 'hooks' that show up through the telling of your life story, So that we can track and then remove 'imprints' in your 'luminous energy field' that cause these life patterns to repeat. There will come a time after a couple of sessions when you will be ready to really step into your new life, and at this time the practice of Soul retrieval will be available. Whenever healing occurs then there is always an aspect of ourselves, of our soul that is ready for us to reconnect with it.

Soul retrieval is the process of restoring the connection with our sacred essence, our state of grace. When trauma occurs in our lives we become disconnected, separated from a part of ourselves, an aspect of our essence, our soul. We feel the loss of this part of ourselves and it remains separate until connection can be restored. But during this separation this special part of ourselves remains untouched by the wounding that the trauma we experience causes. So that when we make our own healing journey we are able to "call back" this part of ourselves and receive it in its fullest and pure state, unaffected by the wounding we may have experienced.

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As a Shaman, I will help you to find and to re-establish this connection, becoming whole again. Sometimes more whole than you have felt in all this life time. Sometimes the soul loss we experience has happened within a previous lifetime or within the lives of our ancestors. The experience and separation can continue into this and other lifetimes.

Shamanic healing sessions can take place person to person together in the same space, or by phone or an internet link such as Skype and Zoom. Why does this work, how does this work? It is because we work at the level of the energetic, to create change that flows down the river of life, through the layers of energy, thought, feeling, myth and story into the physical body. Many people prefer to come in person for their appointment, but for some this is not possible as they may live too far away, or be unwell or simply cannot easily travel at this time.

You may find it useful to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing so that your body feels unrestricted and from the place of comfort that we create together you feel more easily able to 'release' all that you have come to your session to let go of. Sometimes I will also offer you a blanket, tucking it around you not just to keep you warm, but so that you can feel as well as know what you are being held as you journey through your own healing process.

You can expect to be guided to breathe consciously, to focus on letting whatever needs to come up to rise with your in breath so that you can let go as you breathe out. You can expect to feel held and supported through the whole process. Sometimes you will hear me sing or whistle as I work in the different worlds and dimensions that unfold to create the map of the energy body that I work with. You will hear me use a rattle or sometimes a drum to keep the rhythm as I journey to the domain of souls to bring back your Soul Parts, or to journey to the upper world to help you retrieve your original destiny or to connect with ancestors and family who have died or may need healing and support after death to 'go home' easily.

In life we tend to pick up lots of habits, thoughts, ways of doing things and beliefs that work ok, or are the best, least damaging option available at the time. But eventually, we need all the parts of ourself back. We need to be fully available to ourselves and our souls journey. This is the journey that we chose for ourselves before starting this lifetime. It is not something someone else has given to us, it is not a mission we have been given and had to accept. It is the journey of our own choosing at the level of our souls consciousness. And just like in all the stories of all the hero's. There comes a time when the voice of our souls journey becomes so loud that we cannot ignore hearing it. All we need are the resources to be able to answer. This is Shamanic Healing. The practice of enabling one or another person or being, to reveal, discover and put into place that which is necessary to come into balance, and for all conscious beings to be enabled to follow the call of their own soul's journey.

If you would like to know more, or to arrange a session for yourself, please get in touch for a chat or to book.

Currently a Shamanic Healing session with me costs £135. Please allow between one and two hours for your session.

or phone: +44 (0) 7986887224 Click here to call or save the number for later.

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