Discovering Our Personal Mythologies
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Discovering our Personal Mythologies with Joe Molloy

Living Mythology

Who is writing the story of the life you are living? Following on from our exploration of personal Mythologies earlier this year this is an invitation to join us for a longer and deeper journey with our personal myths. Exploring through archetypical stories the mythology behind the lives we live.

Are you the Hero or Heroine in your own life? The Victim or the Villain?

Do you experience yourself as powerful or powerless? Dependent, independent. Successful, loved, abandoned, alone?

These are some of the themes that we share, in our own lives, with the characters in classical and contemporary stories, myths and legends.

Are you the child of the faeries that never fitted in? Are you the child of kings and queens brought up in the wrong family? Are you the one following the star, or are you the star itself?

We all have stories that we live. Some of them are great and help us to grow. Some keep us living smaller lives. And all for some reason.

Together we will explore which mythologies we are living, undercover, but out in the world day to day. There will be role play and reflection, come prepared for an unexpected journey, an adventure!

Truly great stories and their characters engage with us on a deep level. It is because they embody the archetypical essence of myth.

There are many, many stories in our cultures. But mostly they are versions of just a few core, archetypical themes. These are the stories of the “Hero’s Journeys.”

A well written and directed story draws us in. It encourages us to “feel” for the main characters, the protagonists. We care what happens to them, for good, or for bad.

Good writers and film makers understand this, and in our workshop together we explore how we each engage with the stories and myths that attract us. And not just how we engage with stories, with myths, but which ones have appealed to us so much that we are living them “undercover.”

I invite you to wonder: “What kind of mythology would I rather be living if I could choose consciously and by design instead of unconsciously or by habit.

Join us for this Master Class in personal mythology and discover the hidden stories that we live by and how they "inform" us as we walk through our lives.
There will be a mixture of individual and group work. The seminar will be interactive and you will be invited to participate in the acting of various drama as we explore different myths. Bring your willingness to join in and also your willingness to explore.
If you are working as a therapist/shaman/practitioner with clients, helping them to step out of their old stories and into new ones, then you will find this workshop useful in helping to recognise and understand the mythological basis behind the way they live that keeps them repeating old cycles and patterns, and to help them to create a new and authentic personal mythology that helps them grow into the incredible and amazing beings that they came here to become. Things you will need to bring: ~ Notebook/journal and pen. ~ A personal story or myth that appeals or interests you. There are many versions, interpretations of classic myths. Your story may be an ancient telling of the mythology, or a more modern one. Many stories have different faces, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Persephone, Inanna, Iron John, Superman, Hercules, A Knights Tale (Heath Ledger!), Percival, Gawain, The Holy Grail, King Arthur, Walt Disney's adaptations, The Grimm's Fairy Tales, Harry Potter, ancient myths and stories as well as more modern ones. You will find it useful to read through your story a few times before the workshop/seminar. Get a 'feel' for the characters and notice who you identify with. ~ An openness to participate in the telling and enacting of your stories and also in the stories of others in the group too.

There are many expressions of the same story, but only a few themes from which they originate. There will be gifts in exploring the story’s of the group, as, in so many ways, their stories will also always be yours too.
Currently I am running this workshop as a one day and a two day, deeper workshop on an annual basis in Athens.

For more information and to reserve your place please get in touch:

+44 (0) 7986 887224

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