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Mentorship programme and services

In response to number of requests from clients, students and existing practitioners, I am opening the offer of a Mentorship service.

While many people are clear that what they want at a particular time is either to receive Shamanic Healing, or to study and train with me, following the Medicine Wheel teachings and journey, an increasing number of people have been asking if there is something extra that they can access. A form of tailored, personalised guidance.

While my preferred way of teaching is through the Medicine Wheel itself, it just has so much to offer in terms of both personal healing, growth and change as well as learning, I have been developing a new option which I am describing as the Mentorship programme.

My offer will be to a limited number of people at any time, and will follow a format based on monthly, 1 to 1, in person or distance meetings at pre arranged times. Distance sessions will be conducted via Zoom and the content of our sessions can be recorded for you to replay and reflect on later.

This programme will appeal to you if you are, for example:

~ Actively pursuing your personal healing journey as a client with myself or another practitioner, or in a self directed way, whether this is through Shamanism or some other modality.

~ Currently working as a Student or Practitioner in a "healing" modality.

~ Looking to explore your life journey and options through an alternate lens.

With an extensive background in working with individuals that spans close to 40 years at this point, including Counselling and Psychotherapy, Mental Health Nursing, Yoga, Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Evolutionary Astrology, I will be bringing a deep and diverse skill set and wealth of experience to our work together to support you on your journey.

There will also be options for 1 to 1 Shamanic Healing sessions, ceremonies with me, at a reduced fee, to work with any issues that come up through our work together if you wish. This will be in addition to our monthly arranged Mentorship sessions together.

My primary focus will be to work through the lenses, paradigms of the Shaman and Evolutionary Astrologer to offer new contexts to the life events and situations that you bring to our sessions. You can read about my work as a Shaman within this website and my work as an Evolutionary Astrologer here:

The initial commitment between us will be for 6 months, at which point we will both evaluate how we would like to proceed, and agree a period of time to continue, with further reviews at each interval.

The exchange for this service will be £100 per calendar month for the time period agreed. Payments will need to be set up by standing order so that they arrive on the same day each month. Other options to bank transfer payments can be available but may incur an extra service charge if this is passed on by the service you are using, PayPal etc.

If you feel this is the option that fits with your needs and you would like to know more please contact me for a chat together.

Blessings and much love


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