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"Munay Ki"
Goa, India January each year

Munay Ki

Munay Ki Rites

Rites of the Munay Ki
Munay Ki in Goa January each year
With Joe Molloy

Join us this January in sun kissed Goa as we step into the nine great rites of the Munay Ki and the Solar activations, initiations of the Children of the Sun and the Healing skills of the Shaman.
There are two parts to the programme.
~ From 9th to 13th January I will be offering and teaching the rites of the Munay Ki.
~ From 16th to 22nd January I will be sharing the "Solar Activations" of the "Children of the Sun" and the "Healing Tools of the Shaman."

Munay Ki, Solar activations and Shamans Healing tools in Goa January 2023 (Facebook link)

~ Munay Ki i~ Lineage Rites of the Incas
The Munay Ki comprise of 9 rites or 'carpi.' 5 of these are the energetic empowerments, traditional lineage rites of the Q'ero Shaman. Historically the tradition has been that these rites were given over many years by people walking in connection with the land and the mountains, the living presence of nature every day. Brought together as the 9 rites of the Munay Ki they become a balancing and healing, transforming initiation that we can all receive and benefit from, however we live or walk the earth.
During the programme you will receive all 9 rites and learn how to pass them to other people.
For thousands of years the Seers, Shaman, holy men and women of the Andes have shared a prophesy that the time will come when the people of the Condor and the people of the Eagle will fly together again.
It is said that once all people were one and lived together until there came a time of separation. The people of the Eagle went on to develop science and acquire great knowledge, science and intellect that has allowed their leaders to accumulate great wealth. The people of the Condor had highly developed intuitive senses and were attuned to nature. They are people of the heart and have always been able to experience their connection to the land and the seasons and cycles of life, death and renewal.
At this time, as we, the people of the Eagle seek to return to connect with the earth, the Pachamama, the people of the Condor seek also the knowledge and science that will enable them to be successful in the material world. It is sometimes difficult to see why people who live close to nature and have all that we desire seem to want all that we wish to move away from. But this is part of the way it is. Ayni, balance and harmony works in all things. To survive the people of the Condor and the Eagle need to know each others ways.
The rites of the "Munay Ki" are rites of passage and personal empowerment that support us in this time of transition.
Inca prophecy says that the age of Pachacutti began around 2012, at the same time the Mayan calendar turned over. As all 'Time and Space" turn over everything is 'loosened' and our hold on old structures and patterns has the opportunity to dissolve so that we can easily evolve and re form ourselves, evolve into the new version of humanity that will take us successfully into the age ahead of us.
The Munay Ki support us to do this, to evolve massively but sweetly, without chaos or revolution as has been the past pattern of change. They are, in fact, the catalyst for our change.
The Munay Ki help us to create a different foundation in our lives so that we can balance our relationship with all that is around us with all that is within us. Balancing and connecting all our inner and outer polarities. Enabling a dialogue with our inner and outer masculine and feminine as one way of seeing this. Then taking us forward and downloading new energetic templates and codes that inform our luminous energy field, and so our physical body also. Transforming us into the next evolutionary stage of the human being which is being called even now as Homo Luminous. We begin to age differently, to look younger. Our relationship with death and disease changes as we no longer need to age or embody sickness for the reasons we have done so in the past.
These 9 rites are gifts to us from the lineage of the people of the Condor. They support us in real ways in our lives and our personal journeys.
During the programme as you receive and learn how to give the rites, we work from our beautiful location on the white sandy Goan beaches facing the Arabian Sea (where dolphins are a frequent sight). By the end of our workshop together you will have everything that you need to run your own Munay Ki class and share the rites with other people too, as you wish.
~ The Second part of the programme
You are welcome to join just one, or both parts of the programme.
The Solar Activations of the "Children of the Sun" are simple practices that activate the "inner sun," within our bodies, in every cell of our bodies, with traditional practices that come from the Lake Titikaka area. It is said that these ancient practices wre handed to our early ancestors by visitors from the stars who came here, to earth to help us on our journeys of evolution.
During the second part of the programme you will begin the creation of your "mesa," your medicine bundle, and learn energy medicine practices from the Incas to help support and heal yourself and others also.
The workshops are run on a non residential basis this year, but I will be very happy to connect you with people who can help arrange accommodation for you, should you wish.

For full details, costs and more please contact me:
Joe Molloy
phone/whatsapp: +44 (0)7986 887224

Munay Ki in Goa

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