Soul Retrieval with Joe Molloy Shaman
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Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the Shaman's process for restoring our connection, at the deepest and most felt level, with the qualities and strengths, such as self power and self love, appreciation of beauty, creativity, love that we have become separate from in our lives.

Fairy Spirit

Dear Power Animal
Soul Retrieval takes place within a full Shamanic Healing session, which includes "Illumination" of old affinities that serve to attract the life experiences, issues with health, abundance and relationship that we seek to move away from in our lives, dissolving them with "light."

It gives us access to ‘new’ resources. Resources that may not have been available to us for most of, or the whole, or all of our lives so far. This often includes our past lives and the lives of our ancestors. To receive this healing releases us from destinies too small for us to live, and it also brings healing to our past lives and the lives of our ancestors as well. We shift the alignment with our future to a fuller, happier, healthier destiny. These new qualities and strengths restored to us through Soul Retrieval support us too manifest these changes at the actual, the physical level in our lives. Without them it becomes impossible and we continue to live the lives that we have thought probable, but in some way less than we could have.

During your session with me I will journey to the lower world, the Ukupacha, where energetic clearing can be undertaken and these beautiful gifts, aspects of your pure essence can be returned to you.

To create a new way of being in the world, a new relationship with ourselves as well as the world around us, we begin by making space in our lives. We do not always have time to wait, but it often helps to have an earlier session to deal with the effects of trauma or loss, or whatever holds us in the grip of a life less than we deserve before stepping into the Soul Retrieval process.

The Shamanic Journey to the Lower world also deals with the energetic imprints, self contracts and beliefs that generally exist outside of our conscious awareness. But become visible in our everyday lives, as the effect of our "shadow" self. The practices of "affirmation" in all their forms often fail because these deeply held subconscious beliefs and energetic imprints are not dealt with. Where they endure these subconscious patterns "argue" with the new beliefs we try to practice. And often win out as, inspite of how much we want change, we have been practicing these old patterns for so much longer.

In its fullness, Soul Retrieval within the context of a full Shamanic Healing Session addresses all these things. The process supports us to create new mythologies for ourselves to live by. These include the realisation of new futures and destinies being possible and available. This informs our relationships, our health, our love, our abundance and so much more.

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Bear Power Animal

Shamanic Healing and Munay Ki with Joe Molloy Shaman

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