Carpi of the Incas ~ A Week of Ceremony

Join us for "A Week of Ceremony." From your own home, via Zoom, and receive the Traditional Lineage Rites of the Incas and the Andes

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A Week of Ceremony, 7 evenings between February 12th and Wednesday 21st February 2024

Once again, I invite you to join us for "A Week of Ceremony" and receive the traditional Lineage Rites of the Incas, online and in your own home.

I've been gifting these rites in this way since 2020 and with a small group of Shamanic Practitioners who have followed the Medicine wheel and Munay Ki training with me we offer you the opportunity to receive these beautiful and empowering rites.

The rites are shared each evening, online, via Zoom. We begin with an introduction before we gift the rites to you as a group, and finish with a beautiful guided journey to help you to anchor in your connection with the rites.

You are also welcome to join me in person of course, to both receive and learn to give these rites to others.

Please contact me for more details so that you can join in and receive.

Blessings and much love


You can download an "Introduction" to these beautiful rites by clicking here.

You can also discover even more about the Munay Ki rites ~ Lineage Rites of the Incas by ordering your own copy of my book " Munay Ki ~ Lineage Rites of the Incas" by clicking here, and getting your copy direct from Amazon.

Munay Ki ~ Lineage Rites of the Incas by Joe Molloy Shaman

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