Personal details for travel with groups in Peru
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Welcome to Peru!
Before we can book your accommodation for each stage of the journey and any Peruvian train tickets we need to know a few of your details.

Please fill in the form below as fully as possible and click send to send it to me, Joe. You're details will only be kept by us until after the journey or group finishes. So if you come on a future journey with us you will need to send them again.

We appreciate the you may not know some details yet, such as health and travel insurance, but these can be forwarded later. For now we need to know at least your personal details and passport details so that we can make your reservation.

Many thanks for your help


About you:

Your home address

About your Passport:

When was your passport issued?

When does your passport expire?

It is a requirement of this group journey that you have adequate personal travel and health insurance

In case of an emergency who can we contact for you?

Your relationship to them. Husband/Wife, Son/Daughter, Parent, friend etc.

I confirm that I take full responsibility for my health, well-being and my safety during this trip
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