Working with Personal Fire ~ Lighting the Fire within
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Working with Sacred Fire ~ Lighting the Fire Within
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Working with Sacred Fire teaches us not just how to develop a relationship and understanding of fire so that when we bring wood and matches together they light. It goes much further.

Fire teaches, it speaks all the time if we are ready to listen. Just like everything in the universe that has life of some kind, it needs to feed. But it does not just feed on wood or combustable materials. Ordinary fire will do this, Sacred Fire, in ceremony, will take the offering of all that we are done with if given in gratitude. All our old stories and personal work. All our struggles, all our past. It will also take all our possible obstacles in the future. It feeds on the heavy energies that might often weigh us down. It will 'miqui' combust, or 'eat' all that we give it.

But even more than this. Lighting and developing a relationship with fire in ceremony on the ground kindles and relights the fire within ourselves.

These workshops deal with our many issues in relationship with actual fire and lighting it, working with it in balance so that it neither goes out nor grows to get out of hand. We face our fears of fire, we experience the gratitude of our deep time ancestors who discovered how to control and work with fire just before the last ice age, and so survived to become both you and I today. We explore where we put out or never quite light or show our own fire.

Through practical work to learn how to create fire from it's latent potential in all things, through to personal journeying, deep time ancestor work, and learning to dance with fire we will explore and deepen our relationship with fire and become fire guardians, fire keepers. Initiating ourselves with fire.

If the fire within you calls to join me please get in touch for more details. Currently I'm offering 1 to 1 opportunities to explore relationship with fire. In a way it's really 1 to 2, you, myself and of course, fire.

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